Chuck Winkle from Martiz  and Jim Darlington of Leisure Ponds explain the Maritz bioretention pond at Green Business Challenge Meeting. 
Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - December 9 at Datotel

Can IT Be Green - Don Guenther, Datotel

Certified Electronics Recycling - Greg Cooksey, Midwest Recycling Center

Saint Louis University Sustainable Business Leadership Certificate - David Webb, SLU John Cook School of Business

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - November 11 at Monsanto

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - September 10 at Ameren

Save Money and Improve Profitability - Susan Noeth-Havera, Ameren BizSavers
Ameren Missouri Renewable Energy Initiatives  - Bill Barbieri, Ameren Missouri

Enterprise Holdings Sustainable Business Solutions - Christy Minear, Enterprise CarShare

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - August 12 at Forest Park Forever

Forest Park - Restoration and Ecology- Lesley Hoffarth and Peter Van Linn III, Forest Park Forever
Project Clear & Green Infrastructure
- Alison Gauch, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Measuring Your Water Footprint- Ann Dettmer and Traci Lichtenberg, Missouri American Water
Using Water Wisely Outdoors by Missouri American Water

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - July 10 at Graybar

Graybar's Path to Sustainability - Tom Epps, Graybar

Measure the Waste - Manage the Savings - Jim Fritz, RBO Print Logistix

St. Louis County Waste Management- Christopher Kalter, St. Louis County Department of Health

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - June 10 at Color Art Integrated Interiors
The Power of Place -  Greg Hardy, Color Art Integrated Interiors - Presentation - Article - Virtual Tour
Presentation from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - May 13 at Missouri Botanical Garden

Presentation from St. Louis Green Business Challenge kick-off meeting - April 9 at St. Louis Regional Chamber

Third Degree Glass Factory Sustainability Accomplishments

Farnsworth Group 2014 Green Business Challenge Recap

Ameren Missouri Biodiversity Scorecard

Presentation from St. Louis Green Business Challenge meeting - December 10 at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis

Saving the World One Guest At A Time by Four Seasons Hotel

Leadership and Legacy by JacobsHow We Retrocommissioned 4 million square feet in 4 months by Burns and McDonnellSustainability at Webster University

Sustainability Education Sessions at Clayco

B-Works Community Education Programs

Presentations from St. Louis Green Business Challenge EXPO - September 5

Keynote Address by Tim Murch, President and CEO, MMMM

Health and Productivity Gains From Better Indoor Environments and their Relationship with Building Energy Efficiency by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Evaluating Effects of an Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Program on Employee Absenteeism by GOJO Industries

Case Study on Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking Accomplishments by Rebecca Peterson, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Presentations from August 13 Meeting at Graybar

PowerSmart - Intelligent Energy Solutions by Graybar

Retro-commissioning Explained by Sitton Energy Solutions

Try and Ride Challenge by Citizens for Modern Transit

Presentations from July 16th Meeting at Enterprise Holdings
Driving A Sustainable Business - Enterprise Holdings
B Corporation Certification - Microgrid Solar

Presentations from June 11th Meeting at Saint Louis ScienceCenter


A Lovely Shade of Green - St. Louis Science Center

Green Cleaning - Are You on the Best PATH to Sustainability? by MMMM

Presentations from May 14th Meeting at Graphic Arts Center

TravelGreen and Streets For Everyone by Trailnet

Local farm-raised menu by Russo's Catering from May 14 meeting

Presentations from April 9th Meeting at Missouri Botanical Garden

BiodiverseCity by Missouri Botanical Garden

Commuter Choice Toolkit for Employers by Citizens for Modern Transit

Presentations from March 19, 2014 - Kickoff Seminar

Overview Presentation on Challenge tracks and what's new in 2014 scorecards

This page recognizes the achievements and innovations from challenge participants.

    • Achievements and Innovations Case Study Booklets (2012) (2011)

 Presentations at St. Louis Green Business Challenge Seminars




 About the Green Business Challenge

2013 St. Louis Green Business Challenge Team Directory 2013


 St. St. Louis Green Business Challenge Team Directory 2012


          Abiensa and Biodiversity (11/2013)

          Walk the Green Half Mile With Us- Biodiversity at Maritz



Shared Forms, Templates, Resources


Template for Printer and Office Equipment Audit 2010


No idling signs for driveways and loading docks 2011


 Missouri Botanical Garden Turn-It Off Poster 2011



 Challenge Companies Best Practices

        Sustainability 101 for the St. Louis Green Business Challenge by Christopher Laughman of Graybar (2013)

        Unigroup's road map (11/13)

        Global Citizenship -Sigma Aldrich (11/13)

St. Louis Rams 2013 Green Platform (2013)


Sustainable St. Louis Zero Hero Award and Application Process by Tim Gaidis of HOK and Sustainable St. Louis (2013)


Embracing The Zero Waste Challenge by Lisa Disbrow of Waste Management (2013)


The Greening of Graybar by Christopher Laughman (2012)


Green Features of Downtown St. Louis by Matt Schindler and Najah Fennoy of The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis  (2012)


How the Green Business Challenge Changed My Company by Brett Markwort, Markwort Sporting Goods Company (2011)


Green Teams

Global Products, Inc. Green Team Initiative by Jan Weyrich (2012)



Sustainability Policies

          Ameren Sustainability Initiatives (11/13)

         Burns and McDonnell Sustainability (11/13)


 Sustainability at America's Central Port (2013)


  Accenture Sustainability Academy Overview by Patrick Miller of Accenture (2013)


Integrating Sustainability into the Company Culture by Ron Prebianca, Coventry Health Care (2013)


Lawrence Group Sustainability Guidelines (2013)


SLUstainability Strategies by David Webb, St. Louis University - Center for Sustainability (2012)


Ameren Sustainability Initiatives (2012)


Christner Sustainabilty Guidelines (2012)


Paric Sustainability Policy 2012 (2012)


Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Sustainability Initiatives by Joletta Golik of Lambert-St. Louis Airport (2012)


Missouri Botanical Garden Sustainable Purchasing Policy (2011)


  Missouri Botanical Garden Green Cleaning Policy (2011)


Wells Fargo Sustainability Statement (2011)


Greening the Employee Cafeteria by Christopher Laughman of Graybar (2011)


Moonrise Hotel Green Policies (2011)


The Hauser Group Sustainability Guidelines (2011)


Outreach and Education


UMB Bank Green Effort and Volunteerism by Carla Green and Tim Fields of UMB Bank (2013)


Empowering Communities Through Gardening by Michael Sorth, Gateway Greening (2013)



Marketing and Legal Issues


Green Marketing Do's and Don'ts by Cary Levitt of Armstrong Teasdale






Alternative Transportation


        Try Transit Presentation by Lenora Fischer, Citizens for Modern Transit and Chuck Welek by Enterprise Rent-A-          Car (2013)


Transit Options for Employers by Seth Teel of Citizens for Modern Transit (2011)

McCormack Transportation Survey


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

                  Here  Comes The Sun: The Zoo Goes Solar by Wanda Evans of Saint Louis Zoo and Mike Hornitschek of StraightUp  Solar


 Laclede Gas Company Energy Efficiency Incentive Program by Jim Travis, Laclede Gas  Company (2013)


Improving Lighting Efficiency by Brad Picht of Graybar (2013)


Solar Energy for Commercial Buildings by Marc Lopata of Microgrid Energy (2012)


Computer Power Down campaign by Mary Ostafi of HOK (2012)


Retro-commissioning by Doug Sitton and Erik Merker of Sitton Energy Solutions.(2012)


ENERGY STAR Resources for Buildings (2010)



Air Quality and Indoor Environmental Quality


Christner Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan (2012)



Recycling and Waste Reduction


Sustainable Printing by John Heaney, The Advertisers Printing Company (2013)


Zero Waste Parties by Dee Stenger Allison and Julie Gibbs Alley, Environmental Operations (2013)



Engaging Employees in Waste Minimization by Mary Ostafi of HOK (2012)


Electronics Recycling and Disposal by Dave Beal of EPC USA (2012)


Creative Recycling Programs at Doe Run by Amy Ketola (2011)






        Environmentally Preferable Paper Purchasing Guidance (2011)




Green Building, Remodeling and Building Operations

Green Cleaning by Chris Wieman of MMMM (2013)


Green Lease Negotiations at Christner (2013)


Historic and Green Building Renovations in downtown St. Louis by David Ohlemeyer of The Lawrence Group (2012)



Sustainable SITES Guidelines by Ted Spaid and Zach Snovelle of SWT Design (2012)


Freno Raingarden for Urban Settings by Paul Wilhelms of HOK (2012)