Challenge 2019 - Celebrating Ten Years of Making Green Work for St. Louis Businesses

    Registration for Challenge 2019 is closed, but to check out the Challenge for your company:

      Green Biz Briefings Luncheon Series

      Thursday, September 26, 2019
      from 11:30am - 1:30pm
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      Business and the Mississippi River: Global Impacts of the Key to St. Louis Future

      - Colun Wellenkamp - Executive Director, Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

      Watershed Cairns: How Art Supports Both Nature and Business

      - Libby Reuter - Artist, Watershed Cairns

      St. Louis does business at the confluence of the 4th largest watershed on Earth. Global impacts of the Mississippi River are strategically crucial, but local understanding of “America’s Waterway” remains at a low ebb. Mayors of the 124 cities along the Mississippi are turning this awareness tide, in collaborative efforts to address river issues that promote river commerce, conservation and culture, for benefits at a watershed scale. Exhibitions of the visual art project Watershed Cairns along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers show how the arts can state the case for sustainable practice, to benefit both business and nature.  Compelling presentations by Colin Wellenkamp, Executive Director of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative, and Watershed Cairns co-creator Libby Reuter will show how their work can bring value to your business.

          Register for the August Seminar

            Wednesday, August 14, 2019
            at Soldiers Memorial Museum
            from 7:30 - 9:30am
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            INNOVATIONS take center stage for the August Seminar
            Includes a tour of the newly renovated LEED Platinum Soldiers Memorial Museum, led by Angela Booker, MHS Facilities and Sustainability Coordinator
            PLUS three more innovative examples of Green-at-work among Challenge companies!
            Bring a co-worker, friend from another company, vendor or customer to experience benefits of joining the Challenge.

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            About the Challenge

            The St. Louis Green Business Challenge, a program of the Missouri Botanical Garden, delivers "Triple-Bottom" Line results (financial, social, and environmental) to businesses of all types and sizes across the St. Louis region. The Challenge supports integration of sustainability measures into the kinds of everyday operational practices common to every business.  Participants identify and adapt the strategies that improve financial performance and engage employees in voluntary measures to reduce environmental impacts.

            Since the program launched in 2010, 216 companies - representing more than 150,000 employees - have joined the Challenge. Ongoing sustainability commitment is strong: 47% of these companies have participated in the Challenge for three or more years, with 12 companies engaged through all nine program years. 
            Why Should Your Company Join the Challenge?
            1. Incorporate sustainability strategies that will assist staff with practices to reduce environmental impact.
            2. Establish and energize your company's green team to continue implementing and enhancing sustainability initiatives.
            3. Receive sustainability consulting services from the  EarthWays Center staff of the Missouri Botanical Garden.
            4. Join a network of local companies making sustainability a priority 
            5. Special events, workshops and seminars to keep participating teams engaged and motivated

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